Invention: Cigarette with a Mouthpiece

We have used all our experience to be the firs to create a unique tube that gives unrivalled quality and performance

Invention: Cigarette with a Mouthpiece

Comfortable and Pleasant

Today we meet many smokers who prefer unfiltered cigarette or tobacco wrapped in a special type of paper.
For a smoker it is a habit as well as a certain kind of nostalgia.

However, when smoking unfiltered cigarettes, getting of particles of tobacco into the mouth makes one feel discomfort. Today, in the hands of different profession and aged smokers, you can find an unfiltered cigarette with a mouthpiece.
Not many people know that its invention is connected to the company Omega.

Zaza Okuashvili, the founder of Omega Group had a logical question: why cannot we fit the unfiltered cigarette with a pipe with aperture, a plastic tube with partitions or a particular type of a mouthpiece, which would lift the feeling of discomfort for the smoker?

The thought was followed by an idea, the idea by the act, or an invention that has been patented in different parts of Europe and Asia since 2011.


There will definitely arise one question: There may be an invention, but if we did not have the technical means of its implementation, for example, where should this mouthpiece be made? Koki Asanidze, the director of the OGT factory, answered this question easily and concretely: – We commissioned a British company.

And now anyone can buy unfiltered but with a mouthpiece Comet manufactured by OGT which is natural, comfortable and pleasant to smoke.


Smoking seriously harms

you and others around you