OGT’s product – Both manufactured and imported – is distributed by OMEGA-2.


Distribution plays a key role in our business!

“OMEGA 2” carries out the distribution of the brands manufactured and imported by “OGT” who ensures the marketing for all of our cigarette brands throughout Georgia.


The marketing department of “OMEGA 2” are also actively involved in the organization of various promotional activities for the “OGT” brands.
“OMEGA 2” distributes our brands to throughout Caucasia and liaise directly with outlets to make sure they receive the back-up required to promote new products and also provide gift packs as incentives.



The delivery team are responsible for loading their vehicles to ensure all orders received are dispatched each morning..
The managers responsible for overseeing the distribution of our brands are constantly monitoring public awareness and feedback to make sure our products are always at their best and work closely with the marketing team..




Smoking seriously harms

you and others around you