Omega Group’s company OGT (Omega Group Tobacco), which produces the highest quality tobacco product based on the long standing traditions and the best taste, has been awarded with the title of the Importer of the Year in the National Business Ratings based on the country’s financial-economic data.

This nomination demonstrates the contribution of the Omega Group’s companies to the development of the Georgian economics. Over 2000 employs of the company have ambitions to keep on adopting new standards and overcome even greater obstacles. OGT is reasonably proud of its achievements not only in terms of running the manufacture equipped in accordance with the latest technological standards that produces local tobacco product, but also in terms of the powerful Georgian business.

Good faith, dedication to the job, high performance achievements and the highest level of professionalism are the criteria, according to which the international research center has selected OGT as the winner among the nominees.

The corresponding certificate has been handed over to the head of the OGT Customs Department Mrs. Lia Gegeshidze.

“This victory proves the high index of confidence and high quality of our firm. We have been awarded as the best among the best as a proof of this”, – Lia Gegeshidze told us.

This prize is yet another recognition and success of Omega Group.

It should be noted that the founder of Omega Group, prominent businessman Mr. Zaza Okuashvili has been awarded as the Best Investor 2016.

In the business ratings performed by the Georgian Times Media Holding and GORBI (Georgian Opinion Research Business International), Omega Group and the TV Company Iberia have been awarded with the National Prize a few weeks ago.

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